The Little Paint Shop

On my way to work every morning, I pass by this little paint shop by the curb which suddenly has caught my eye; for a very outstanding reason as it serves me with a daily reminder.

On the gate of this paint shop is an inspiring and beautiful art piece comprising many colors beautifully combined, neatly pasted on the canvas. Yet the revelation that inspires this story is the fact that this amazing masterpiece was actually unintended — birthed out of consistent coincidence!

Watching the entrance of the paint shop one day as I passed by, I realized it had been a result of years of paint sales. Whenever a customer pulled up to make a purchase, to capture interest and demonstrate the quality of the product, workers would splash a bit of paint on the canvas, so the buyer would see in full detail the quality they were getting.

I believe, little did these workers know that in years to come, these fingerprints of their commitment would churn out an artistic masterpiece to catch every eye, even in passing; and guess what? Draw attention to their little business!

It is funny how these owners may never know of this article or the big impact their routine work is having — nevertheless, the truth of life remains inevitable from this story; that someday, all of one’s hard work will pay off. Someday, all the little bits and pieces we manage to give out everyday, every sweat, every late night, every early morning, will culminate into something amazing. One day, your trails of stardust will bloom into a super star. Consistency is what will turn the average into the exceptional. So never give up; and persevere. Keep working.

Baby steps also lead to great journeys and destinations!

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