With change being an inevitable part of life, it is imperative that people develop their capacities wherever they find themselves, particularly in their professional fields. The challenge presented by an endlessly-evolving world, especially to professionals, is to be in a position whereby they are a step ahead of their game so as to remain relevant and productive in their lines of business. These include Corporate Executives, Managers, Administrators, General Staff, Healthcare Officers, Traditional, Political Leaders – and generally any individual with the quest to better their career trajectory.  Consistent continuous learning offers the way forward then, granting a chance at exponential growth, updates with present marketing trends and the general success of a career. Continuous Professional Development Programmes offer quite the ideal way forward.

Commonly referred to as CPDs, Continuous Professional Development programmes are ones tailored to train and develop one’s professional knowledge and skillsets with the target of enhancing their efficiency and abilities. It is the process whereby members of a profession maintain and improve their knowledge and capacities to the benefits of themselves and their institutions as a whole.
CPDs are often holistic and put together a range of distinct methodologies including conferences, seminars, workshops, events, practical sessions and one-on-one modules. The goal is to maximize engagement and the benefit that would be realized to both the employer and employee.

As the nation’s premier Institute for Innovation and Leadership training, the Jackson Institute of Innovation and Leadership runs an extensive, accessible and career-changing continuous professional development programme that spans a myriad of professional fields and careers. The programmes are facilitated by certified experts in the various levels of professional experience, teaching and training with state-of-the-art facilities all aimed at making a lasting transformational impact on students by meeting their demands as employers or employees.

CPD/Leadership/Professional programmes and courses offered at the Jackson Institute of Innovation & Leadership include:

• Healthcare
o Certificate in Healthcare Leadership & Management
o Advanced Leadership Program (Turning Leadership Potential into Leadership Ability)
o Leadership
o Management of Change
o Emotional and Political Intelligence
o Integrative Thinking and Managerial Tools
o One-Year MBA for Executives
o Certificate in Business of Healthcare
o Certificate in Healthcare Economics
o Certificate in Legal and Policy Issues of Healthcare
o Certificate in Clinical Leadership
o Certificate in Research in Health
o CPR and First Aid
o Medical Journalism
o Introduction to Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
o GCP Refresher Workshop
o Improving Healthcare through Clinical Research

• Business/Finance
o Business Cloud Accounting E-learning Programme
o Digital Marketing/e-Commerce Certificate course
o MBA Essentials
o Basic WordPress
o Financial Risks & Rewards
o Advanced Microsoft Excel for accountants and accounting officers
o Business Writing
o Networking Skills

• Research/Education
o Research Data Management and Analytics
o Report Writing
o Public Speaking and Presentation skills
o Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Training for Teachers & Education Workers

• IT (in partnership with the Jackson Institute of Innovation & Leadership)
o **All Information Technology Training Programmes

• Leadership/Management
o Chieftaincy and Local Leadership Training
o Religious Leadership, Psychology & Administration Programme
o Management Development Programme
o Certificate in Education Management & Leadership
o Professional Development Certificate in e-Learning
o Certificate in Political Communication
o Certificate in Branding and Communication
o Certificate in Project Management

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Our comprehensive CPD programmes come with the impressive benefit of keeping participants up to date with the latest trends by learning new skills; subsequently improving their performance at work, boosting their self-confidence as well as enhancing their professional reputation and future job prospects. In addition, participants get to obtain concrete proof of their professionalism and commitment.
The institute provides online and face-to-face sessions, flexible registration and payment systems while there are avenues for individuals/participants get to exhibit their professional capacities and prowess in well-structured and rewarding contests.


These programmes range from between 2 days to 12 weeks depending on the course undertaken, content required, timelines of participating individuals/corporations and practical sessions.


All individuals, professionals, non-professionals, corporate institutions, healthcare institutions, laboratories, churches, ministerial caucuses, traditional leaders, etc.
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Module Timeline

4 weeks

Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Master Certificate Course
Evening/Weekend Options) Module Structure: Physical and Online Language: English

4 Weekends

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Training for Teachers & Education Workers
Module Structure: Physical Language: English

4 weeks

Certificate in Political Communication
(Evening/Weekend Options) Module Structure: Physical Language: English