Nurses / Health Workers Recruitment

The Jackson Institute of Innovation and Leadership, a premier tertiary institute in Ghana together with Sappor Consortium, UK ( ) – a standout and trusted recruitment agency for nurses and healthcare workers in the UK, have come together to provide opportunities for qualified Ghanaian healthcare workers to work in the UK.

The programme supports the application of qualified healthcare workers into the following positions:

  • General Nurses
  • Mental health Nurses
  • Midwives
  • Healthcare Assistants

The qualifications required for the above-listed positions are as follows:

  • Mental Health Nurses – Diploma/Degree in Mental Health Nursing in Ghana
  • General Nurses – Diploma/Degree in General Nursing in Ghana
  • Midwives – Diploma/Degree in Midwifery in Ghana
  • Healthcare Assistants – Diploma/Degree from a recognized tertiary institution in Ghana supported by proof of care.
  • The NMC-UK requires an IELTS certificate with the appropriate/required band scores:
    • Mental Health Nurses/General Nurses/Midwives: Band 7.0 or better.
    • Healthcare Assistants: Band 4.0 or better
  • An NMC-UK Competence-Based Test with the required pass (For Mental Health Nurses, General Nurses and Midwives)
  • Proof of Care (For Healthcare Assistants)
How/Where can I study or prepare for the IELTS?

Great news! The Jackson Institute of Innovation and Leadership is a certified tuition and registration agent with the British Council, Ghana to prepare and register candidates  for the IELTS examinations. Tuition and preparation for the examinations is a standard 2-month class which costs GH1300. However, the Institute offers an optional 3rd-month extra preparation for free at a candidate’s request. Persons who are interested in taking the IELTS exam  will make a payment of £ 212.00 or £ 200.00 as an exam fee for IELTS UKVI or IELTS general respectively to British Council.

What is the cost involved in this programme?

To understand the billing of the programme, follow the entire step-wise process closely.


Application and Processing Fee : GH 3,800.00

This includes a registration/application fee of GH¢ 550.00. Some of the services include CV Review, Personal Statement, CV Writing, Mock Interviews etc. All candidates will first go through an orientation and have life in the UK as the final lap after successfully securing the job.

Mock Interviews

Candidates shall be prepped and shall be allowed to take up to 3 mock interviews conducted by interviewers and skilled health personnel before the main interview. This is absolutely important as it will be an indication as to the readiness of the candidate and in which areas to tackle in readiness for the main and most important aspect which is the interview.

Satisfied with all information, then register now at: IELTS_Registration. For more information and/or clarity, kindly contact our hotline on: 0557123409

How long does the tuition take?

Tuition and preparation for the examinations is a standard 2-month class. However, the Institute offers an optional 3rd-month extra preparation for free at a candidate’s request.

CV Writing

This is a very important component of the application process. The candidates shall be taught by experts who are qualified and skilled, to take them through how to write their CVs to be presented to the employer (the UK consortium). It is imperative because the CVs are expected to be presented in an acceptable format and this will be made possible by the leading and assistance of our experts.

CV Review

After the CV writing has successfully been executed with the help of our experts, another group of experts including some Interview Panelists will help analyze and audit the CVs by the candidates. Candidates who opt to write their own CVs should note that the experts shall review their CVs strictly and only if they decide to write the CVs themselves.

Repeat Interview

Candidates who are not successful in the interview section and opt to have the opportunity to have another interview shall be given a huge discount. A repeat interview will attract a fee which entitles candidates to go through the processes all again.