Jackson Institute of Innovation and Leadership (JIIL) is a part of the Jackson Educational Complex (JEC). JEC was established in 2009 and currently runs the Jackson College of Education which offers you great opportunities that can springboard you into realising your dream as a teaching professional through Distance Learning. JEC is the first private institution in Ghana to offer a Bachelor of Education and Diploma in Basic Education through Distance Learning.

Professions aren’t “on paper.” An education shouldn’t be either. Jackson Institute of Innovation and Leadership (JIIL) focuses on hands-on skills, in addition to traditional academics. At JIIL, your education will go beyond books, with experiential learning opportunities like group projects, presentations, guest speakers, and more. We work closely with industry partners and organizations to ensure our graduates are well prepared to enter the workforce.

JIIL seeks to bridge academia and industry with innovation and train effective Leaders for every aspect of society including but not limited to business, chieftaincy, clergy, educators, and all other sectors. It is committed to transforming lives through innovative, inclusive, and entrepreneurial education as well as research.


VISION: To develop, train and produce leaders and professionals with practical, employable and quality skill-sets for development and stewardship for tomorrow.

MISSION: To provide unmatched experiential and life-long opportunities for the improvement and continual training of leaders and professionals for business and society.

Strategy and Professional experience through content, hands-on internships, exchange programmes to enable professionals with experience, and create value.
Linking corporate strategy, relevant experiential training in tools of the future such as digital strategy, leadership, and innovation to create values in employment.
Managing change effectively, providing excellence in the process to result in quality service, product, and presentation.
An extraordinary drive to learn, unlearn and relearn changing our mindset and mental models to drive innovation in society.
Engaging imagination and technology to provide solutions is an integral and potentially differentiating component to building a thriving society
Creation of sustainable enterprises to catapult the nation into a self-sustaining economy and lift the majority out of poverty.
What We Believe

JIIL believes in creating great student experiences that provide enriching learning opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom. These enriching experiences will give you an edge when you enter the workforce or pursue further studies.

Insurgent Mindset

Creating disruption through innovation technology and leadership.

Enduring Results

Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine to enable decision making and create value.

Passionate People

Passion in creativity and the quest to put value in your life as well as the betterment of society.

Our benefits
Why Choose Us?

We work with change-oriented executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions, and deliver the sustainable success they desire.